... spanning a 350 hectare estuary diverse
with coastal birds and wildlife ...
"... an amazing lodge hewn from local
timbers that is perched high above the bay."
"... watching the seascape constantly
changing is as relaxing as yoga or pilates
but not nearly as strenuous."
"Penguins, sea lions... there's even an
albatross colony on the Otago Peninsula,
a haven for nature-lovers."
"This was a pristine environment where
humans were minor players ... we were simply
viewers with a great respect for the true
inhabitants of this lonely and wild beach."
... considered the world's rarest penguin, 
the endearing yellow-eyed is a secretive
solitary breeder ...
... where local foods heighten your
experience with nature ...
“We saved the best for last,
a magical ending”

Tena Koutou Welcome ...

Kaimata Retreat is a timber built luxury villa located beside a 350 ha estuary on the Otago Peninsula offering sweeping water views of coastal birds and wildlife.




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Bettys Bach

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