The city of Dunedin prides itself as a wildlife capital and extends a range of habitats, rock types and land formations. Rugged river gorges rise to alpine altitudes and creamy coastal beaches yield to wave tossed coastlines. Self-discover the Otago Peninsula-

  • Sandfly Bay Wildlife Refuge, created in 1908, the oldest Peninsula conservation reserve offers chance wildlife viewing of the Yellow-eyed penguin
  • the impressive ocean vistas at Lovers Leap, a breathtaking 220 m collapsed sea chasm
  • the columnar basalt formation called The Pyramids on the back dunes of Victory beach 
Atop the 'little pyramid' overlooking the back dunes of victory beach, okaia flat. Photo D.Strzelczyk

Wildlife Expedition

Our highly recommended small group wildlife tour with Elm Wildlife Tours visits a private coastal ecosystem where guests may benefit from discreet uninterrupted observation of the rare Yellow-eyed penguin and Hooker's sea lion. View NZ Fur seals, Blue penguins and many other sea bird species. This special private location is a local conservation initiative at work.

  • 3 hour guided wildlife tour to private beach: 130 NZD per person (up to 3hours duration with return transfers)
  • Tailored 1/2 day private wildlife tour: POA

Scenic Heli Flight

Enjoy the spectacular coast of the Otago Peninsula and the heritage of Dunedin city from a different perspective. A 30 minute invigorating scenic flight spanning the length of the Otago Peninsula and Dunedin city surrounds.



Royal Albatross Colony

The Northern Royal Albatross is listed as an endangered species and the world’s only mainland breeding colony is located at the tip of the Otago Peninsula. A majestic bird with a wing-span up to 3m, more than 80 percent of their life is spent at sea. They are long-living and slow to reproduce. Breeding starts at 8-10 years, a single egg is laid in October or November, in a nest which takes both parents around 80 days to incubate. Longline fishing is the biggest threat to this magnificent bird.

Albatross Classic Guided tour: 39 NZD per person 60min. (Book direct Royal Albatross Centre. 20 minute self-drive to the Royal Albatross Centre at Taiaroa Head Nature Reserve.)

Please note: All Tours weather dependent. Warm clothing, sturdy footwear recommended. Cancelation policy applies.

Walking Tracks

There are many excellent walks available combining wonderful coastal views and perhaps chance viewing of wildlife. Here is the Dunedin City Councils Otago Peninsula Tracks Map